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Castle Stamping

a stamping community for the TV show "Castle"

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a stamping community for the TV show "Castle"

Welcome to castlestamping, a stamping comm for the TV show "Castle". Here you can fill out an application and other community members will tell you which Castle character they think you are most like.

general rules.
1. Being rude or inappropriate to others will not be tolerated in any way.

2. No bashing of characters or the actors/actresses who play them.

guidelines for applicants.
1. Try to fill out the entire application to the best of your ability.

2. Be truthful. Do not push for a certain character.

3. You must vote on at least two other applications in order to be officially stamped. If there aren't two other applications currently needing voting, you can still post your app, wait until other apps go up, vote on those, and then edit your post with the links to those votes. Applications won't be stamped until you have voted on two others.

4. Put the word "apples" somewhere in your app's subject header to show that you have read and understand the rules.

5. Try to elaborate on your answers. It doesn't have to be completely tl;dr, but the more information you give about an answer, the more likely you are to be accurately stamped.

6. If you don't feel that you match the character that you were stamped as, you may apply to be restamped one additional time. Please indicate in the subject that it is a restamp and include a section on your application with who your original stamp was and why you feel that it was not right for you.

guidelines for voters.
1. Vote honestly based on your feelings, not who you think the person wants to be stamped as or based on who everyone else stamped the person as.

2. You may only pick one character to vote for per application.

3. Elaborate on your votes. This helps people to understand why you picked that character for them.

4. Bold the name of the character that you are voting for.

You may vote for any of the following characters.

Richard Castle
Kate Beckett
Kevin Ryan
Javier Esposito
Lanie Parish
Alexis Castle
Martha Rodgers
Victoria Gates
Roy Montgomery


Feel free to contact if you feel there are any issues.


This comm will affiliate with Castle-related comms or other stamping comms. Please PM the mod in order to set up affiliation.